Our Parent company Trends Enterprises has been designing for our customers from past 15 years, where we do customization/ replicas as per our customer’s requirement.

With the changing landscape of fashion industry along with the changing behavior of our customers we have now decided to foray into online retail apparels

Let your Curves go Desi with our exclusive range. “Desi Curves” offers handcrafted apparel in contemporary designs.

We are identified with our designs and styles that enhance our rich history of textiles. Our each style is designed by us & curated by our talented and dedicated team of tailor-masters to enhance a wider product range.

We started in 2018 and our endevour has been to provide value for money to our customers with our seam & silhouette.

We have been appreciated by our customers time and again for originality in our designs using traditional material yet giving it contemporary look.

Since Inception we have curated more than 500 designs, most of which have been loved by our customers in India through exhibitions.

Now we are online and would like to showcase our product to you too 🙂